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What you should know about USAR Form 107-R

  1. Previous editions of this form are obsolete.
  2. Forms are for official use within Army Reserve Family Programs.
  3. Information provided may be listed and distributed to enable development of communication and support network.

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How to prepare USAR Form 107-R

By clicking on Get Form, you may open up the Form Usar 107 R sample in the PDF file editor, where you can view and adjust the blank in line with your needs.
Our built in editor may help you fully restructure the template if required. Additionally, it supplies a easier approach to fill in the doc mistake-free.
For lawful forms which need a signature, the editor provides eSignatures features. Once the form is done, click on DONE and send the file by email.

About Form Usar 107 R

Form Usar 107 R is a certificate of release or discharge from active duty, also known as a DD Form 214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty). This form is issued by the Department of Defense and is used to verify military service and to prove eligibility for veteran benefits. Anyone who has served in the military, regardless of their branch and discharge status, needs a Form Usar 107 R. This includes active duty members, reservists, and National Guard members who have completed their service contract and have been released or discharged from active duty. It is also required if the member was honorably discharged, medically discharged, or discharged under other than honorable conditions.

How to complete a USAR Form 107-R

  1. Then, move on to Section II and III to designate primary and secondary points of contact and give consent for Family Programs Office staff to contact them
  2. In Section IV, enter the secondary point of contact details and in Section V, provide child information if applicable
  3. Lastly, in Section VI, detail any family concerns or special needs
  4. Make sure to review and confirm the information provided before submission

People also ask about USAR Form 107-R

What is the purpose of USAR Form 107-R?
The purpose is to gather data for the development of appropriate Family Programs activities and services.
Is information provided on the form shared with commercial enterprises?
No, the information is for official use only within Army Reserve Family Programs.
How is the information on the form used?
It helps identify individuals eligible to participate in Family Programs and receive information.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing USAR Form 107-R

Instructions and Help about USAR Form 107-R

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